10 Simple Steps to More Romance in the Bedroom

As the most romantic room in the house, the bedroom should tantalize each and every sense. The following 10 suggestions can transform a regular bedroom into a romantic haven.

1. Focus on Comfort
What’s the first thing you see when you walk in the room? It’s the bed, and it should draw you in. Your sheets should be as comfortable as possible, and those with a thread count of 180 (or higher) offer a sense of soft luxury.

2. Color Your World
The color of bedspreads, pillow shams and blankets, for example, makes a statement about your room. Consider what you want that statement to be. You can do much more with the room’s color than merely updating the sheets. Partner up on a painting project and cover the walls with a warm, textured hue that fits in with the room’s other features. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your re-decoration project, you can still make a noticeable change. Pick a new window treatment. Toss a beautiful blanket over the foot of the bed.

3. Layers of Love
In addition to color, texture plays an important role in a romantic setting too. Layer different materials to mix things up. A luxurious Vellux blanket makes a nice accompaniment for crisp, quality cotton sheets.

4. Put a Premium on Pillows
It's easy to make your boudoir a little more comfortable. Toss a handful of comfy pillows on the bed. To add aesthetic appeal, layer pillows of different sizes. Don't forget to consider your sleeping needs when making pillow choices, too. To give a boost to an aging mattress or soften up one that's a little too firm, consider using a mattress pad that adds comfort and support.

5. Seasonal Focus
With relative ease, you can keep your den of romance in tune with the seasons. A scent like vanilla might be too heavy for spring or summer but perfect for winter or fall. Keep a variety of colors of bedding in the linen closet so that you can change them in conjunction with the seasons.

6. Scents of Romance
Want to make a unique impact on your room? Select scents that pique your sense of romance. To tempt the nose with scents that flow throughout the room, use oil diffusers essential-oil infused candles. For some, flowers = romance. Lavender and rosemary are good choices, and they can be the filler for sachets kept in closets. Bring those scents into the bed itself by using a lavender infusion when you wash your sheets. You can do it in just a few steps. The first step is to put lavender flowers into a small muslin sachet. Heat three cups of water to boiling. Next, put the lavender sachet in the water. Keep the combo covered on low heat for 15 minutes. You should include the liquid in the rinse cycle when washing your sheets.

7. Shed Some Light on the Matter
The last thing you want in your bedroom is too-bright light. Lower-wattage bulbs are good choices for a bedside lamp, as is a soft, pink light. Want to make a truly special setting? Candles are the way to go. Be sure to douse the candles before turning in for the night.

8. A Sound (and Romantic) Investment
Music and romance go hand in hand, so keep a few favorite CDs and a small stereo in your room, too. To create a peaceful sanctuary, hang thick curtains, which offer a pretty and practical solution that keeps noise out and romance in. Keep the curtains’ appearance in mind, too, as they’ll need to fit in with the visual mood. The television can be a romance killer, so if you have one in your bedroom, put it somewhere else.

9. Think Small
Now it’s time to make the room reflect the two of you as a couple. Put a photo and perhaps a souvenir from a favorite trip in a prominent place Brainstorm a list of ways that you can make the bedroom your special place.

10. Work as a Team
Think you know what pushes all the right buttons for your partner? You might learn some surprising new tricks as the two of you work together on building a more romantic room.

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