Budget Decorating

You can decorate your home without it costing a fortune. With an open mind and a little creative thinking, you’ll be surprised at the dramatic difference you can make in the look and feel of your home. Follow these simple and budget-friendly tips—your friends will be sure you’ve got an interior designer on speed dial.

Revamp Boring Walls with Decals
Are you looking for a creative way to revamp your walls but don’t have the time or money to wallpaper or paint? Removable peel-and-stick wall decals are just the answer for a unique and artistic wall makeover. Go from drab to fab in minutes flat! With this foolproof decorating solution, you can bring a splash of color and high design to your boring white walls. So unleash your inner decorator! Wall decals are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes so you can let loose your own personal style in any room of the house.

Unearth Those Thrift Store Treasures
You can reinvent your style rather inexpensively by shopping for furniture at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. Whether you’re hunting for that mid-century modern piece or something more rustic-chic, there are always treasures to uncover, often for a steal. If the piece you find isn’t just right, don’t worry. You can transform your thrift-store treasure into a work of art simply with a good sanding, a coat of paint or even some new upholstery. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase. After all, “going vintage” is “going green.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
You can add dramatic flair to any room in your house with a perfectly positioned mirror. Adding a mirror to a small space can make it seem significantly larger, and mirrors can really intensify the light in a dim or shadowy room. A mirror can be helpful in creating an artistic focal point for any room. Try leaning a tall mirror against a wall and see what happens. A mirror can be an inexpensive investment that is smart and stylish, and is sure to have a bold, eye-catching effect in your home. Look for these fabulous accessories in places like discount stores, yard sales and on eBay.

Let the Light Shine
With good lighting that is strategically placed, you can completely transform the look of a room and considerably improve your mood. There’s no need to settle for harsh overhead lighting. Instead choose from a variety of more illuminating options, such as an attractive floor lamp with an ambient glow. Finding the right lighting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check out discount stores and secondhand shops to find the perfect shape and style to fit your décor. Use this simple yet powerful decorating solution to transform any room into an artistic showpiece. Then you can happily bask in the warm glow of home-decorating success.

Use Nature to Spruce Up Your Home
Why not decorate with plants? This is an affordable way to wake up any space by bringing the simple beauty of nature into your home. By coordinating your plants with your décor, you can create a harmonious and Zen-like atmosphere in your home. If you’re going for a more modern appeal, choose contemporary-looking plants with long, sleek lines. With the wide variety of planters available today in stylish shapes and colors, there’s no need to sacrifice function for style. Breathe new life into that old teapot or decorative bowl. Use it for a planter and put your own personal touch on display.

Get Creative with FabricFabric can provide an instant update to any home. Try changing the fabric on key decorative pieces, such as a chair or sofa, or add new patterned throw pillows and curtains to the room for a distinctive effect. You can experiment with fun new patterns and textures for very little money, waking up your space and giving your home a finished feel. For you craftsters looking to try your hand at DIY projects, such as making your own bed skirt or headboard, check out the discount table at your local fabric store or dig up some decorative quilts or bed sheets for inexpensive sources of fabric.

Develop into Your Own CuratorBy becoming your own curator, you ensure that fine art doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Do you have one of those vintage magazines with stunning black-and-white photos lying around? What about a beautifully illustrated book of botanical prints? Grab a sharp razor blade. Now you’re ready to transform these unconventional images into fine art for very little money. Choose photos from the same source or with the same size and theme, and group them together on the same wall for a symmetrical, uniform look. As a finishing touch, complement your creations with attractive frames.

Strike Up Some Style
Candles are not only inexpensive, but they add style, charm and warmth to your home. Try placing a candle in a decorative beaded holder for a more glamorous look. Or if you’re looking for a more illuminating effect, arrange several tea lights on a mirror. For a more natural, organic look, try arranging branches or greens around the candleholder. Candles that both meet your budget and suit your style can be found just about anywhere. Fabulous deals can be easily found at your local dollar store or neighborhood drugstore.

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JW said...

That tree in your photo looks a lot like the "Neu Tree" from Wall Slicks. http://bit.ly/zNmhU
Did you get your wall decals from http://www.wallslick.com? I love their designs and you are right they are so easy to apply and give a great designer look in minutes. They really make a bold decorating statement.