Reducing the Clutter at Home

It’s easy to let paper get the best of you and your space. Don’t let your paper get out of control. Start by creating an easy-to-maintain system to manage the paper in your office.

Do you have a spot for those incoming bills? Is there a specific place you store the newspaper when you get it and don’t have time to read it? How many magazine subscriptions do you have? Do you actually read those magazines? It will help tremendously if you designate a specific bin, box or basket for your mail, newspapers and magazines. Just as you have a home you return to each day, so should your paper.

Don’t pick a box or basket that’s too large. Then you’ll be tempted to save several weeks’ worth of newspaper instead of just a few. Remember, that a week-old newspaper is full of week-old news.

Watch Out for Large FurnitureLarge furniture is one thing that can really clutter up a room, making it much harder to feel organized. The huge desk seems like a good idea, but most likely it has become just one more surface for you to dump stuff on at the end of the day. The size of your furniture should mirror the size of the room. Make sure the size of your furniture meets the size of the room. “Less is more” is a good rule of thumb to follow here. You can easily create space and reduce clutter by having less furniture.

Combat Closet ClutterEveryone always complains about having no space in their closets. This is a common complaint, but it helps to remember that it’s not the closet’s fault. Start getting your closet in order by following these quick and easy tips.

Ask yourself, “When is the last time I sorted through my things?” Do this before you do anything else. You’ll be shocked at what you have. An important rule to follow here is, if it doesn’t fit or you don’t wear it, then don’t keep it!

When it’s time to put it all away, organize like items together. For a nice touch, use the same kind of hangers. Looking for extra storage? Use the inside of the closet door. Find places at eye level or below to store those frequently used items. Long-term storage items can be stored up high. By storing smart, you can keep your closet super organized.

To keep your closet tidy, before you purchase that new pair of shoes, consider whether you have room for them. The most important rule to follow is the “one in, one out” rule: If something comes into your closet, then find something to take out.

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