More Kitchen Storage For Less Money

Ask any woman what she’d want in a redesigned kitchen. Most, about ninety-nine out of a hundred, would immediately respond, “More storage!” Totally redoing your kitchen may not be feasible for you right not, but there are several simple options available for adding storage space.

When faced with storage issues in your kitchen, a good place to start is with your cluttered cabinets. First, get rid of all that stuff you don’t use! When you’ve done that, you’ll be amazed at all the room you have left. Whether you attack your cabinets or not, here are some inventive solutions for creating more storage in the kitchen.

Look to the Ceiling
Do pots and pans take up an incredible amount of your kitchen space? Consider getting them out of the cabinet and hanging them up. Try this simple, inexpensive idea for hanging cookware:

Find an old or new window and attach “U” bolts or eyebolts to all four corners. Then find secure ceiling joists and hang the window from there, using eyebolts, “S” hooks and chains. Fasten plain or fancy towel bars to the edges of the window, and use “S” hooks to hang pots, herbs and utensils from the bars.

The window makes a marvelous display shelf for collectibles or plants. This space can be easily transformed by adding decorative touches such as hanging wire baskets, bundled herbs to dry or other colorful displays. Try tying colorful colanders together to create a bright storage space for fruits and vegetables. I actually have a friend who stores her table goods here, such as napkins, knives, forks, spoons and rolled-up hand towels (which she uses as placemats).

Take Advantage of Available Wall Space
Nail a piece of lattice or a pre-made trellis to the kitchen wall to create a unique space to hang utensils, pots and pans, dish towels or oven mitts. Think of all the options—you get the idea!

Why not add shelves to your walls? This is a simple and inexpensive storage solution for any room. Here you can display all your favorite teapots, pitchers or platters that have been hiding away in a dark cabinet somewhere. So dig through those cabinets. I’m sure you’ll find many pieces that will add interest and color to your kitchen.

Rework Your Cabinets
Do your large base cabinets seem to do nothing but collect clutter? Then this is a simple solution for you. Base cabinets, after all, are really nothing more than big boxes. Often these cabinets go back a whopping two-feet deep! It’s no wonder, then, that we constantly find ourselves on our hands and knees, searching for something way in the back. These tips are meant to help you rework those big base cabinets, but also consider them for the smallest of your cabinets.

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