Redo Your Bedroom In 9 Easy Steps

Looking for a way to create cozy comfort without the stress of redoing your entire bedroom? Think about the following modest tips to give your bedroom a new look and comfort feel.

1. Try to bring in chenille, fleece, raw silk and soft wool fabrics as a way of giving your bedroom a warm sensation. When a chill arrives in the air, wrap yourself in flannel sheets or for extra warmth go for a down comforter. (If allergies are a problem then substitute feathers for a synthetic down comforter.)

2. Don’t let your hardwood floors freeze your toes during the winter; throw down a cozy area rug.

3. Where have your put your bed? Squared off against your door? Are your pillows right under a window? A person’s personal energy is greatly influence by where they sleep. All of these factors can contribute to the well being of your overall health, mental attitude and love life. A line of red tape on the mattress where it faces the door or window can help. Negative energy is deflected by the color red. Take your bedroom from dreary to love nest using this easy to follow feng shui tip.

4. To create a warm glow, why not swap out your lampshades to comforting colors of yellow and gold? Try a dimmer switch on your overhead fixtures as a way of controlling the brightness. Here’s a quick and easy step towards having a comfy glow for the bedroom. Create a grouping of candles on a small plate and set it on your night stand.

5. Having mirrors to reflect the light in your room will not only create a warm atmosphere but won’t bust your budget. If you want a easy tip to make your small bedroom seem larger, try putting a big mirror over your dresser. A large mirror placed over your dresser will make a small bedroom seem much larger.

6. Having a chenille blanket on your bed will keep you warm and comfy through the long winter chill. A red, purple or deep brown variety of a soft chenille blanket will give your room even more of a warm feeling.

7. Think more pillows and less stuffed animals! With plush pillows filling up your bed space you’ll be creating an inviting atmosphere. One way to make it interesting is with a wide array of sizes and textures. A wonderful addition for the winter months are soft down pillows.

8. You can also repaint your room as an inexpensive way to make a huge change. Increase the warmth of your bedroom by selecting earth tones such as reds, camel, butterscotch or honey gold. For a more cool and soothing feel, try blues, lavenders and some shades of green.

9.You’re bedroom should be overflowing with the things you love. Family photos on dressers or night tables are perfect. Why not move some of your kid’s artwork off the fridge and into frames for your wall? Consider a small shelf for your candlestick.

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