Amish Mission Furniture Keeps Old-World Traditions Alive

By the 19th century, the British aesthetic Arts & Crafts movement made its way to the United States. The movement was at its height in Britain between 1880 and 1910, then traveled and became popular in the United States between 1910 and 1920. The ideals that fueled the movement revolved around the denunciation of the Industrial Revolution and all the mundane and repetitive production to come out of it. The Arts & Crafts movement sought to return to handcraft, where items like furniture were simple and authentic. The lifestyle and the crafts of the Amish are based around similar ideals.

The Amish lead very unique lives with strict rules and regulations that prevent them from consuming many of the innovations presented by the Industrial Revolution, therefore Amish furniture is all hand-crafted. Amish Mission furniture features all the aesthetic qualities inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement including the clean, even lines and exposed joinery. While mass production manufacturers may be able to reproduce some of these characteristics, a true Mission inspired piece is handcrafted as the pioneers of the Arts & Crafts movement intended it to be.

Amish built furniture does not contain any toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, flame-retardants, or composite woods that will off-gas (release substances) into the air in your home. Their items contain no adhesives or synthetic bonding materials that could be harmful to your health. Relying on traditional methods, master Amish craftsmen create timeless furniture out of raw material without the aid of the energy-draining factories or machines. The solid wood used is hand-selected, making each unit a unique heirloom-quality piece.
Inspired by their beliefs, Amish craftsmen are keeping the old-world traditions of furniture making alive. Their work is all done by hand and the only tools involved are powered hydraulically and pneumatically. The detailing and staining of Amish furniture is also done by hand. Much like the Mission style furniture created during the Arts & Crafts movement, there is much patience and attention given to each piece of furniture and this is something that cannot be replicated by a factory.

Amish Mission furniture is inspired by the same organic elements of nature that sparked the Arts & Crafts movement. Arts & Crafts pioneers William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes and furnishings that were based on the fundamental principals of honesty, simplicity and usefulness. Their designs were a drastic shift from the excess of the Victorian Age and by the time the Arts & Crafts movement made its way to America, when cities were thriving and farm-life was diminishing, the simple designs of these innovators were a breath of fresh air.

Lately, people are feeling the effects of excess once more and instead of adding to the destruction of our environment are looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Amish Mission Furniture is the perfect alternative to polluting, dangerous mass-produced furniture and is becoming more easily obtainable through retailers. Amish solid wood furniture is created for all rooms of the house and will remain valuable, cherished additions to your home

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