The Advantages of Amish Furniture

Amish made furniture offer several advantages not available from furniture that is mass-produced. With Amish made furniture becoming more accessible through furniture retailers, you can own your very own Amish crafted pieces tailored to your needs.

The most unique feature about Amish furniture is its heirloom quality construction. Amish craftsmen use traditional methods for construction, which means that their products are handcrafted, durable, and feature great attention to detail. The Amish follow a set of beliefs that does not allow them the use of electricity; therefore most of their furniture-building techniques involve tools that are powered hydraulically and pneumatically.

Amish oak furniture features hand-selected pieces of lumber, ensuring that your piece will contain only the most beautiful parts of the tree that are the most durable and that it will be one of a kind. Besides solid oak, Amish crafted furniture is also available in cherry and maple. Detailing and staining of furniture is most often done by hand as well. Mass-produced furniture is often disposable and made with dangerous materials including particleboard and even formaldehyde. This type of manufacturing often results in nicked veneers and unsteady construction.

While energy-consuming, polluting furniture manufacturing plants harm our environment, the Amish people rely on eco-friendly methods of producing furniture that reduce energy consumption, does not lead to deforestation, and reduces the toxic off-gassing typical of mass-produced furniture. Using only man-power, Amish craftsmen create lasting wood furniture created from sustainably harvested forests. Amish built furniture does not contain any toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, flame-retardants, composite woods, or adhesive and synthetic bonding materials that will off-gas (release substances) into the air in your home. Because Amish furniture is so durable, it will last your family years or can be passed down or sold to members of your family or community instead of ending up as garbage in a landfill.

While mass-produced furniture often represents ever-changing trendy styles that are here today, gone tomorrow, Amish crafted furniture is created in timeless looks that will always be cherished. These styles include Mission style, which has clean, even lines and exposed joinery. Their Shaker style is known for its simplicity, innovative joinery, and functionality. The most ornate of Amish styles is the Queen Anne style, which features ornate carvings and detailing. The Amish are inspired by nature and so are many of their designs. They also incorporate many geometric patterns like circles and triangles. The Amish create furniture for all rooms in the home including bedroom sets, dining room sets and living room furniture that includes occasional tables and TV stands. Several of these units can be custom-built to perfectly suit your home.

The Amish people live in various states of the United States with the largest groups residing in Ohio and Pennsylvania. They lead very unique lives with strict rules and regulations that prevent them from consuming many modern conveniences like electricity, cars and telephones that so many people take for granted. Their lifestyle gives way to their creativity and hard work that allows them to create such stunning products that leave many people in awe. Because the Amish are not concerned with leading frugal lives, most of their furniture is sold at very low prices. It is their furniture selling that provides the financial stability for many Amish communities.

Amish made furniture are so unique that it is impossible to replicate in any factory. The patience and attention paid to each piece of furniture makes every piece they create a special and unique item that will stand out in any room. The time and effort that goes into their work is ensures that their products will last a lifetime.

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