Bedroom Furniture Guide

You want the furniture pieces in your bedroom to not only take up space but also serve you with their functions. Many manufacturers offer different options on the same unit. Below are the most popular items for your bedroom and their functions as well as different options offered by manufacturers.

Bed mattresses and their accommodating frame come in different sizes, which include

* Twin (39" wide x 75" long
* Full (54” wide x 75”long)
* Queen (60” wide x 80” long)
* Cal. King (72” wide x 84” long)
* Eastern King (76” wide x 80” long).

Choose the size of your bed according to your size and/ or how many people will be sleeping in it. The size of the room is also important, as you need to allow yourself enough space to walk around the bed and have easy access to closets and other doors. Twin size wood beds are most commonly used for children. Space can be maximized with bunk beds and trundle beds, which is a bed that slides in and out from under the bed and can be used to accommodate sleepover guests. A daybed is a combination between a traditional bed and a couch. It features a frame that wraps around three sides of the bed and can be lined with pillows to provide a comfortable backrest during the day, while the traditional mattress leads for more comfortable sleep during the night.

While most traditional beds feature a tall headboard with a low footboard, a platform bed is designed to provide a low-profile sleeping surface. It consists of a raised, flat horizontal surface that will support your mattress without a box spring. The drawers or doors underneath maximize your space by providing organized storage under your bed.

Full beds are about 15” wider than a twin, but if two people are sharing the bed, each is left with less space than on a twin! Even on a queen size bed, each person would still have less space than on a twin. The most comfortable bed for two people is a King size, which will allow the maximum space for each person, but keep in mind that this large bed may not be so easy to maneuver in and out of your bedroom.

Night Stands
Night stands are available with a variety of design options. They can offer drawers, doors, shelves or a combination of these features. Choose the features that will be the most useful to you. The most important feature, however, is the night stand’s height. Your night stand should be tall enough so you can see and reach your alarm clock or lamp from your bed, otherwise as tall as your bed.

There are many different armoire configurations. Traditionally, armoires contain a hanging rod behind double doors and drawers lower at the base. However, there are armoires also known as entertainment cabinets that have a space for your television to remain concealed behind closed doors. These types of units can feature doors that fold all the way back to eliminate any viewing obstructions, as well as a swivel for your television to sit on. The bottom of this unit may sometimes feature drawers or another set of doors. There are also computer armoires that will accommodate all you’re your computer components and will have special features such as a pull out keyboard and a surge protector. No matter what their function, all armoires will take up a great deal of space, so adequate room is necessary for this unit.

Dressers and Chests
Dressers and chest mainly serve the same purpose. Whether you prefer drawers for storage that are lined vertically (a chest) or horizontally (dresser), is your choice. However, dressers can provide a great deal of storage by extending vertically as well as horizontally. These oversized dressers are known as mule chests and can provide different storage compartments besides drawers, such as doors or shelves. Chests usually consist of a single column of drawers stacked on top of each other, but some manufacturers offer different takes on this traditional style of chest. A “man’s chest” features a combination of drawers and large double-doors which contain shelves for storage. This piece is wider than a standard chest. A sweater chest will usually contain one drawer and one door. Usually close in width to a standard chest, a sweater chest will contain large shelves behind the door, perfect for storing folded sweaters. A lingerie chest is perfect for storing its namesake. This unit is usually narrower than a customary chest, but still features a narrow column of drawers. When choosing a dresser or chest, it is most important to take note of the drawers. You will need one that is voluminous enough to comfortably fit your belongings. Stuffing your drawers and forcing them shut will eventually cause them to break.


If the mirror in your bedroom is going to sit on top of your dresser, it is important to consider the scale of the dresser. You may either attach it to your dresser or hang it on the wall. Many manufacturers offer the “tri-mirror” which attaches to your dresser and is designed with three hinged, adjustable mirrors. You may also choose a full size, cheval mirror that can stand on the floor.

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