Tips on Buying Dining Room Furniture

Aside from focusing on the style of your dining room set, the one thing that should not be compromised is comfort. Dining tables come in various sizes and shapes. The most common being:

36-inch diameter seats 3
42-inch diameter seats 5
48-inch diameter seats 6-8

36-inch square seats 4
54-inch square seats 8

36 x 60 seats 6
36 x 72 seats 6 to 8
36 x 84 seats 6 to 8
48 x 96 seats 8 to 10
48 x 132 seats 12

Formal, informal or kitchen dining tables all need to provide diners with adequate “elbow room.” It is recommended that each person be allowed 24-30 inches and at least 30 inches across the table. Standard dining height is 29-30 inches.

In order to be visually proportioned, 3 feet of space is recommended to surround the table to allow diners to move into or out of their seats comfortably.

Leg placement is also important for comfort and stability of the dining table. Whether the table has a leg at each corner, a center pedestal or trestles, it is important to make sure they are stable by leaning on the table from various angles.

There are several choices for dining room chairs. From Mission style slat-back dining chairs to 18th Century style Queen Anne chairs and English style Windsor chairs, style is not a problem. However, when searching through them, keep comfort in mind.

Dining chairs should allow diners to sit upright while sitting comfortably close to the table and still have support from the chair’s back. While chairs with straight backs will encourage diners to sit up straight, curved-back chairs will provide comfort by following the natural curve of the back. In addition, a curved-back chair will add softness to a room plagued by straight lines.
Lastly, arms of chairs should be low enough to slide under the table with adequate space between the underside of the table and your thighs.

Once you have found the perfect style and fit, be prepared for great reviews from friends. They will be amazed at how comfortable and accommodating your dining room is and how it accentuates your lovely style.

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